What is Residential Care?

Residential is the highest level of care offered at Roots to Recovery.  Clients in our Residential Program sleep at the facility and spend the day participating in treatment.  Many parents are surprised to find that Residential is a far cry from inpatient, and in fact our eating disorder facility in Sherman Oaks, California is a real home in a residential neighborhood, with all of the comforts of modern suburban living.  Clients at the Sherman Oaks facility sleep in a real bedroom, eat meals at the dining room table and attend group therapy in cozy living areas.

Why Choose Residential?

Residential is for teens who are medically stable but still in need of intensive treatment for their eating disorder.  If your child has recently been in the hospital or their schoolwork and other areas of their life have begun to be affected by disordered eating, you should consider residential.  You are welcome to complete an intake assessment with our admissions specialists who can objectively look at the situation and help you decide if residential is the right option for you and your child.

In our residential program, your child will be immersed in a milieu that includes up to four individual therapy sessions per week, several psycho-educational groups per day, regular meetings with a registered dietitian , meal planning and support as well as psychiatric care by our board certified adolescent psychiatrist.

In What Ways Will I Be Involved?

Our program places great importance on family and you will be invited to participate in your child’s treatment in three important ways; parent support groups, family therapy and our signature multi-family restoration group.

Parent Support Groups – These supportive and psycho-educational groups are conducted weekly by a clinician who knows and works with your child.  You will also benefit from the support of other parents who may be further along in their recovery.  In the parent support group you will learn some of the same skills your child is learning in treatment and learn to cope with the pain of having a child with an eating disorder.

Family Therapy – Family therapy forms the backbone of you and your child’s treatment. You will meet once or twice a week with your teen and their therapist.  In family therapy you will heal wounds, rebuild relationships and learn to better communicate with and understand your teen.

Multi-Family-Restoration Group – The Multi Family Restoration Group is unique.  Every Saturday you will come to the facility and participate in treatment with your child.  Topics include codependency, relapse prevention, family dynamics, eating disorders education and more.

Advantages of Residential Care

Residential treatment is an opportunity for your child to rest, recover and set on a path to a new beginning.  With twenty four hour support and psycho-educational instruction, your teen will have the opportunity to focus on their mental, social, spiritual, physical and emotional health.  Clients in our program enjoy a secure and tranquil setting surrounded by therapeutic and support staff.  They will receive peer support from the other teens in the program and each child’s treatment plan is as unique as they are.

For more information about residential eating disorders treatment at Roots to Recovery, please call our admissions specialists today.  888-476-9997.

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