Each teenager we treat has unique needs and many special skills and gifts.  To best accommodate the varied needs of the families who come to us for help, Roots to Recovery offers three tiers of treatment, each designed with a special set of needs in mind and each has its own unique benefits.  The highest tier of treatment is residential, which is twenty four hour care.  Our program is designed so that teens who achieve success in the residential program may “step down” to lower levels of treatment depending on their evolving needs.

Roots to Recovery develops a personalized treatment plan for every teen who enters our program. This plan is based on everything our team learns from your intake assessment, an initial assessment done with your child as well as input from your child’s past care providers. Academic history and hospital discharge paperwork is also considered.

The treatment team delivers a full range of clinical and educational services including individually tailored therapy in combination with evidence-based therapeutic services such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  Treatment includes individual talk therapy, family therapy, psychiatric care, proper nutrition, academic instruction, physical fitness, group therapy and more.  This fully holistic program sets the standard for premier adolescent treatment.

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