The Admissions Process

Whether you are ready to admit your child or you simply want to learn more about our programs, you are invited to reach out to our admissions department for help. The Roots to Recovery admissions team is ready to listen to you, answer your questions and help you when you are ready to make the decision to put your child in treatment.    Many parents tell us that the first step is the hardest and it is our aim to do our best to make the admissions process and smooth and seamless as possible.

Intake is a Three Step Process

  1. Verification of Benefits: The first step in the intake process is verifying your benefits. The admissions specialist who takes your call will collect your insurance information and hand it off to our accounting department.  Once the accounting department has called your insurance company to verify your benefits, your admissions specialist will call you back and explain your benefits.  It is important to understand that benefits verification is not the same as authorization.  In order to obtain authorization for your child to receive treatment, he or she has to meet medical necessity.  It is the role of our utilization review department to contact your insurance company in order to obtain that authorization once your child has been admitted to our program.  For more information about benefits verification and the process of authorization, please contact our admissions department at 888-476-9997.
  2. Pre-Assessment: Once we have verified that you have the benefits available to you to enroll your child in our program, we will complete a telephone pre-assessment. For the pre-assessment you will spend an hour to an hour and a half on the phone with one of our admissions specialists answering questions about your child’s behavior and level of functioning.  Once the telephone call is complete, the admissions department will compile the information they have collected from you and pass it on to the clinical team who will review it and recommend a level of care for your child. The admissions department will call you back to share the results of the pre-assessment with you as soon as they are available.
  3. Consents and Documentation: The third and final step of the admissions process is consents and documentation. We will ask you to electronically sign our consent packet which authorizes us to provide treatment and other necessities to your child.  We also need to collect some documentation from you including immunization records, your child’s birth certificates and a few other items.  Once this process is complete, your intake date will be set.

To begin the process of admission or to ask a question, please call our admissions department at 888-476-9997.

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