Adolescent Growth is a Joint Commission accredited treatment program that provides three levels of care for teens who are struggling with eating disorders.  At Adolescent Growth, we recognize that an eating disorder is a multi-faceted problem that requires expert, individualized care.

Our Program

Each teen who enters our program is thoroughly evaluated by a team of specialists up to and including board certified adolescent psychiatrists, medical doctors, licensed clinicians, therapists, licensed nurses, group therapists, academic facilitators, dietitians and other highly trained professionals.  This rigorous evaluation culminates in an individualized treatment plan which is implemented within twenty four hours of your child’s admission.  Your child’s personalized plan for success will change and grow with your child as he or she progresses through our program.

Our holistic approach to treatment targets your child’s health and wellness in four core areas; physical fitness, mental health, emotional health and spiritual well being.  From personal fitness trainers to registered dietitians and meals prepared by a culinary master chef, Adolescent Growth’s staff are hand-picked and specially trained to provide focused and individualized attention to each and every one of your child’s unique needs.